Jul 27
Time is money, as they say. For a creative trying to make and sell their crafts, when no one is paying you by the hour, this wise old saying couldn’t be any truer. The more time you have, the more you can create and the more money you make. So put some productivity into practice, follow these time-saving tips and get more done!
Jul 22
When trying to create an established reputation for your business, you sometimes have to go the extra mile. Delivering on products that are true to form is a given, but why not push the boat out a little further and make them feel super-spoilt with added extras and bonuses? Here’s five ways to make your customers feel special.
Jul 16
There's no better way to kick-start the weekend than with a lovely dinner party. Whether it's a small, intimate get-together with pizza and beer or a sit-down affair with posh nosh and fine wine, the combo of food and friends is a hard one to beat. But instead of falling into the over-fussed stressed-out trap of hosting, have a little fun with your preparation and put some personality into the evening with these quick and easy DIY tutorials. Bon appétit!
Jul 15
Are you into Instagram? Well if you want to get you crafts noticed, you should be! Check out these top tips to find out how you can boost your business with the picture-perfect app. 
Jul 03
This little owl purse from Janine Holmes at Moji-Moji Design is a hoot to make! Handy for keys or loose change, this quick-to-make accessory will be flying off your stall in no time!
Jul 02
At this time of year, when the sun peeks in that little too early and early holiday flights skew our sleeping schedule, a sleep mask is a pretty handy accessory to have. Made in bright, chintzy fabric, these make top-sellers or can be the perfect gift for a sleep-deprived friend. Practical and pretty, this tutorial from Sammy at is perfect for one of our favourite things to do - lazy lounging. 
Jul 02
Have you ever dreamt of putting your crafty pen to paper to write your very own craft book? It’s a tough market to crack but if you go about it the right way, you can realise your author ambitions! Craft and lifestyle commissioning editor from Pavillion Books, Amy Christian gives her top tips on how you can better your chances of getting published and seeing your name in print.  
Jul 02
Make a little magic with Louise Fircahu's sweet stargazing papercut template. 
Jul 02
For all your issue 52 templates just hit the download button below...  
Jun 30
Sending emails is a great way to keep in touch with your customer base, grab the attention of potential new buyers and keep your craft business at the forefront of shoppers’ spending minds. But reaching out isn’t much good if your list of contacts is lacking. Even if you start out with a long list, the average email database dwindles by about 22% each year. So it’s up to you to add fresh contacts and keep old ones interested to make sure you don’t fall privy to the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ trap. Here's some top tips to help you along the way!
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