Jul 18
Illustration by Sally Denton
We asked a selection of trusted craft sellers what their top tips where when making your own wares to sell - they make great reading if you're starting out...
Jul 18
social media marketing mistakes
Having a strong presence on social media is pretty much central to promoting your craft selling business and making yourself known. However, it’s not if you’re on these media channels but how you use them that’s the important point to remember. Here are five common mistakes to avoid…
Jul 18
The best pinners on Pinterest
Some of the best Pinterest pinners aren’t always the ones with the largest following but the ones with boards rich with imaginative, creative content. Here’s our list of our favourite relatively unknown pinners… 
Jul 15
Craftseller magazine Facebook and Twitter giveaway winners
Did you enter one of our fabulous Twitter or Facebook giveaways? Well, each week we'll put up the current winners of our giveaways so if you've missed the post on Facebook or Twitter, you can visit the site to see if you've been lucky! But be quick, prizes need to be claimed within 28 days.
Jul 11
Free crochet flower tutorials
We often come across projects that would just look amazing with a crochet flower embellishment – be that a baby blanket, cardigan or cute knitted bag. Whatever your crochet flower needs, these great projects courtesy of, will fit the bill perfectly and are a brilliant introduction to crochet…   All these tutorials are for personal use only.
Jul 09
how to take great pictures
Presenting the right visual image for your products is crucial. An Etsy item listing allows a main photo and up to four additional images so having good strong imagery will set you apart from the rest...
Jul 07
rainbow felt heart bunting free tutorial
We can’t resist rainbow-inspired craft DIY tutorials – wherever they appear they stop us dead in our tracks. Placed against a plain background, they always look stunning, whether you’re working on a crochet blanket or cushion, a pretty accessory or something else, these simple craft projects bring a smile to everyone’s face. We’ve gathered together 12 of our favourite free rainbow craft diy tutorials for you to try right here… Please note, none of these projects have been deemed copyright-free, so are for personal use and inspiration only.
Jul 03
It's estimated there are around 300 million blogs now online including abandoned blogs that serve as reference materials and highly interactive blogs with hundreds of thousands of visitors.
Jul 02
  There’s no getting around the fact, selling your cards these days is much tougher than it used to be. As one of the most popular quick crafts people love to sell, the market is a very busy place. So, with that in mind, you’ll need to bear these tips in mind: 
Jul 01
See video
Take a closer look at our location shoot for the latest issue of Craftseller magazine. We visited Haberfield Hall which is packed with unique decorations, curiosities and fabulous colours and patterns - the perfect place to make our projects look amazing. Check it out!