Oct 21
Contemplating if anyone can afford to buy handmade goods throws up an equally tricky catch in the homespun business: can anyone afford to make handmade? When crafter, Abby Harris, made her long-planned patchwork quilt, she realised that the time, money and effort embedded in her patchwork project was worth a lot more than most would be willing to pay... By Abby Harris
Oct 21
Free tutorial - copyright free embroidery name hoop
Personalised projects, like this one from blogger of the month Miss Jojangles, are still hot buys and everyone loves to see their name crafted up. Run up a few of these with different names and then offer a bespoke service where you post out the finished piece once completed. They make great door name plates and decorations. 
Oct 20
Craftseller magazine issue 43 downloads / templates
For all your issue 43 templates just hit the download button below...
Sep 24
Craftseller magazine issue 42 downloads / templates
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Sep 24
Craftseller magazine issue 41 downloads / templates
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Sep 24
Now that dark days are drawing near and cold nights are creeping in, we’re clinging onto the last of the summer sun while it’s still coming out to play. This fruit garland (from of colour brights and exotic flavours will ward off the autumn chill and bring a final splash of summer sunshine wherever you are. Simply print out the templates, thread together, bask in the string’s hue of happiness and stop the clock on British summertime!
Sep 22
As seen in issue 42 of Craftseller magazine, Blogger of the month, Holly Becker, provides a brilliant floral tutorial for our online visitors, taken from her latest book, Decorate With Flowers. Up your flower-arranging skills with this super-simple DIY ptoject…
Aug 22
Copyright-free neon leather sunglasses case tutorial by
Not only do we spend ages deciding on the perfect pair of sunglasses, there’s nothing quite like being able to pull them out of a swanky looking case. This month our copyright-free project courtesy of this issue’s blogger of the month,
Aug 20
What makes a customer buy
Even with the success of Etsy, Folksy and the plethora of other online trading sites, the appeal of the face-to-face buy and sell custom is still big business. But what is it that makes a customer say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to purchasing your makes in real-life time? Does a kerching-ending solely depend on the quality of your crafty wares or does the face behind the stall have a part to play? We think it’s a bit of both so here are some tips on how to use your powers of persuasion for craft-selling success.
Aug 18
10 tips on how to crochet
If you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge and learning how to crochet then we’re here to help. These great tips, from our very own crocheting expert, Liz Ward (, show you just how to move from sheepish amateur to confident crocheter in just minutes!