Apr 18
One of the most popular ways to make your products more unique is through personalisation – here are our tips on getting the most out of adding that special touch…  
Apr 17
Holding your own craft group can be a nice way to meet potential buyers and earn a little cash at the same time. Here are our top tips on getting started…
Apr 16
If you’re new to selling and the exciting forms of free marketing available to you social media can scare your socks off, after all, you’re talking to the world! Fear not and take advantage of them, they are some of your strongest marketing tools! ‘New Marketing’ expert Mick Dickinson has some top tips... 
Apr 16
Researching and making your wares, then setting up your stall is just the start of effective marketing. Read our clever tricks and you’ll soon discover a whole new way to be commercially savvy... 
Apr 15
Whatever you do with your day, time management is the key to allowing you to do the things you love, while staying on top of the things you don’t. Read our tips on how to make it all work for you.
Apr 14
Thinking up a name for your crafting business should be the best bit of creating a brand, but it needs careful thought. Check out our top tips on how to craft out a brand identity that has a bigger impact…
Apr 14
So you’ve made your goodies, planned your stall, unpacked and set up, grabbed a cup of tea…what next? Our guide to selling through the day will help you put aside any unwanted nerves.
Apr 10
We thought, to match this Craftseller 36’s brilliant picnic bakes, we would inspire you to make a picnic set with our top ten picnic fabrics.
Apr 10
For all your issue 36 templates just hit the download button below...
Apr 08
Lee Morgan from talks us through his top tips for working with oilcloth – a fabric that’s ever-increasing in popularity.